Various Artists, Spring Madness - Trouble Remixes Vol. III EP (HM005)

by hobbesmusic



Selected Feedback:
‘This sounds boss - will play some of it on BBC 6, thankyou’ (Tom Findlay / Groove Armada - Worldwide)
‘Digging the the Debukas & Craig Smith mixes from HM005. Both are in the bag’ (OOFT - Glasgow / Worldwide)
‘The Debukas and Craig’s dub are perfect for me - thanks’ (The Revenge)
'Thanks for the presents! I always appreciate good music on vinyl!' (KiNK, BUL/Worldwide)
‘Debukas Remix - will use in my sets.  Full support.’ (Patrick Alavi - Germany/Worldwide)
‘What a refreshing Ep!!! Such depth and variation of quality!! Thanks for sending, so good to get some great music among the the dredges of crap get sent!! Big up!!! :-)’ (Arveene / Arveene & Misk - Ireland - Europe) 
‘This is really the sound of now for me. I truly love the remix! thanks for the great stuff …. the whole package, but maybe Debukas remix is my fav’ :)’ (Kosmos - Tracy Recordings / Nitsa, Barcelona / Europe)
‘Loving Craig's mixes and the Debukas one's a cracker too’ (Chris Duckenfield,Sheffield/Worldwide)
‘Wow - some very nice variety here. Heady stuff, thanks for sending!’ (Jusin Sloe - Cuplrit/Droog/Sloe Jams - US/Worldwide)
'Slow & Easy/L&H - Totally killer and damn original to boot' (Leftside Wobble, UK/Europe)
‘Lots of really good stuff here! Really like the Debukas remix of Am$trad (amazing robo-funk groove) both the Craig Smith remix (so so deep, love it) and dub (useful tool) of Night Noise Team, the remix of Slow & Easy (great slow jam for downtempo sets) and the original of Am$trad Billionaire (love that 80's electro disco feel). Will be using in warm-ups in Sheffield and Leeds and the slower stuff at any outdoors summery things. Really good EP….’ (Geoff Ticehurst - The Plug/Sheffield, Leeds Uni)
‘Will test it tonite! my fave now is Amstrad Billionare! 4/5! the original one! Feels like the perfect track to put in the middle of a deep set just to give a shake to the crowd! ;)’ (Scuola Furano - Barcelona / Europe)
‘Cool EP, maybe not my kind of style but I like Busted (Debukas remix) and the track from The Son(s) make me think a little bit of a Trentemøller track, good atmosphere :)’ (Sovnger - Paris/Europe)
‘I like it! Debukas remix is brilliant tune, very groovy. We included it on our monthly Last Robots chart mix. I will play it on my Saturday radio show. I already played it on my show, I also played and I like original version, the one that was digital bonus - it's very good track. I also play both in clubs and they work very well.’ (DJ Bert, Warsaw)
‘Thank you very much, such a great release! Really love your and Debukas remixes!’ (Dimitri Veimar - Germany/Europe)
‘Amstrad/Debukas - Fantastic, been playing it out to great reaction’ (Yogi Haughton, Scottish Soulful Weekender/Solar Radio - Scotland, UK)
‘Loving HM005, played the Debukas mix on my radio show last week and will probably spin another tune on this weeks show’ (Paddy Freeform, Universal Vibes - LDN)
‘This is ace... Again, such diversity on here... From the catchy as hell hooks on Debukas remix of Busted to your own remix of slow and easy, which is just pure ethereal dubby loveliness. Kinda brings to mind Weatherall's production of Beth Orton in the way that it balances acoustic and electronic elements. Craig's remix is chunky and really warm as well - A really solid package’ (Jacksonville - 20:20 Vision - UK/Europe)
‘Really loving all of this EP. Another winner from you lot!’ (Teamy Teamy, Wrong Island - LDN/Glasgow)
‘Thanks for these.  Great energy on the Debukas remix and I love the vibe/wonk of Joe Howe’s remix!’ (Barry Fell / B-Jam - Edinburgh)
‘Solid release as ever. The infectious 'Busted' is probably my fav with echoes of Tiger & Woods and 80s boogie. I look forward to playing it out. Got to give a nod to the Leonidas & Hobbes Remix and the Craig Smith remixes for lush Balearic vibes. A release with its finger very much on the pulse of underground Scotland and all its forms. Excellent.’ (Kris Wasabi/Wasabi Disco - Edinburgh)
‘Debukas Remix – cracking bit of kit, will 100% be getting some rotation in my sets – nice strong groove to it. Craig Smith mixes – all useful slates. The Sons – actually really liking this one, got a really Balearic feel to it for me – kinda thing you’d be hearing on some beach as the sun comes up ;)’ (David Elders, Solar Radio)
‘Nice. ;o)’ (Ben Osborne - Slipped Disco/Noise Of Art, LDN)
‘Yeah, loving it.’ (Larry Tee, NYC/LDN)


released July 7, 2014

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Mastering: Kenny Inglis at Eighth Nerve, Glasgow, 2014 (except Craig Smith Dub & Reprise remixes - both mastered by Chris Lyth at Tron Mastering).
Distribution: Rubadub
Made in the E.U.

All remixes produced with funding from Creative Scotland.



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