Various Artists, Dawn Chorus - Trouble Remixes Vol. II EP (HM003)

by hobbesmusic



DJ Reactions:
'I have those last 12s you sent. Really dug them' (Erol Alkan)
"Loving the Fudge Fingas remix!" (Motor City Drum Ensemble, Stuttgart/Worldwide)
"I really like the first half of the Ali Renault mix. The CAS is quite sweet. The Auntie Flo is a good tool..." (Ivan Smagghe, LDN/Worldwide)
"Good stuff. Especially like the Auntie Flo" (JD Twitch - Optimo, Glasgow/Worldwide)
"Liking Fudge's Remix and the Auntie Flow one too ;)" (Craig Smith/6th Borough Project, Scotland/Worldwide)
"Liked the Fudge Fingas rmx and Auntie Flo's is nice" (Domenic, Sub Club/Subculture, Glasgow/Worldwide)
"Got the Fudge Fingas remix in my crate for the weekend, so will be supporting" (Ali Herron/OOFT!, Scotland/Worldwide)
"Like the sound of the Fudge Fingas remix" (Jimpster, LDN/Worldwide)
"Quality tracks and package overall, think my favourite would be the Fudge Fingas mix" (Marco Bernardi, Bristol/Worldwide)
"All of 'em pretty strong, but Fudge Fingas jumps out as an immediate fave" (Chris Duckenfield, Sheffield/Worldwide)
"Love Invisible Sister, great track reminding me a bit of the new wave period here in Belgium, specialy by his special dark atmosphere, old rhythm machines and synths. I really like Soul Food too, totally different but extra good and deep. Really beautiful track, full support from Belgium" (Fabrice Lig, Belgium/Worldwide)
"My favourite mix is the Fudge Fingas mix, Gav delivering the goods as per usual! Lovely release!" (Rebecca Vasmant, Ministry of Sound tour DJ, Scotland/Worldwide)
"My Favorite is Fudge Fingas remix. Sweeeet!! :)" (Kay Suzuki/Round In Motion, LDN/Japan)
"That Auntie Flo remix is a monster, right up my alley, love it! Also feeling the Fudge Fingas and iO Sounds, top quality ;)" (Cedric Woo, Beauty & The Beat, London)
"I really like the Ali Renault remix, it's amazing! Going to download the whole pack and i like Auntie Flo rmx too :)" (Scuola Furano, Italy/Europe)
"That Auntie Flo mix is v nice!" (Sketchy, Man Make Music, LDN/Europe)
"Yeah, i like them. Thanks for sending" (Larry Tee, LDN/NYC)
"Good ones. Thx for sending" (GoldFFinch, Germany/Europe)
"Good stuff" (Ben Mono, Germany/Worldwide)
"Very into iO and Auntie Flo remixes, they always do a great job. Will surely give it some play on my gigs and will try to squeeze it into my radio show" (DMIT.RY, Neo Violence, Prague)
"Thanks for these - LOVE em" (Justin Sloe/Droog/Culprit Records, LA/US)
"Really into Auntie Flo Remix, it's totally blew me away (especially with my love of a breaking beats) really strong EP" (Dimitri Veimar, Germany/Russia/Bali)
"Soul Food is my favourite track here. It's deep, funky/groovy, very balearic as well... I like Ali Renault remix of TKA but Soul Food is the best on this release" (DJ Bert, Warsaw)
"Loving Conquering Animal Sound/iO Sounds remix. Really nice vibe. Will be using at Leeds Uni and my residency at Plug in Sheffield." (Geoff Ticehurst, UK)
"Great vibes on this release. The iO Sounds remix bubbles and blooms awesomely, Auntie Flo has channelled the dark waves on the Snide Rhythms track to perfection, Fudge Fingas take has got 90s sparkle all over it but a real techno soul in there somewhere too. I can see all of these getting played out at the club." (Nick Stewart, Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh)
"Strong package!" (Astroboy, Kelburn Garden Party, Scotland)
"Really enjoyed the Fudge Fingas rework on the EP" (David Barbarossa, Glasgow/UK)
"The whole thing is braw" (Teamy, Glasgow/LDN)
"Excellent tunes, loving Auntie Flo's remix!" (DPPLGNGRS, LDN/UK)
"Great EP! Especially liking Soul Food, full support" (Spatial Awareness, UK)


released November 11, 2013

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Mastered by Kenny Inglis at Eighth Nerve, Glasgow, 2013.
Worldwide distribution: Rubadub.
Made in the E.U.

All remixes produced with funding from Creative Scotland.



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