Various Artists, Autumn Blues - Trouble Remixes Vol. IV EP (HM006)

by hobbesmusic



Selected Feedback:

'Marco’s mix on this one is the standout for me' (The Revenge, GLAS/Worldwide)
‘My favourite is Marco Bernardi. The Mick Wills one is decent too. Both expertly produced! Only Human has some nice elements’ (Auntie Flo, GLAS/LDN/Worldwide)
'Thanks for the presents! I always appreciate good music on vinyl!' (KiNK, BUL/Worldwide)
'A bit like taking your favourite new wave ghost on a walk to Vienna. Bernardi takes it to Munich instead. Lovely' (Neil Landstrumm, EDIN/Worldwide)
'Really like Marco's mix, stand out for me' (Domenic Capello - Sub Club, GLAS/Worldwide)
'Really nice!' - Pumajaw/Dimitri Veimar (Sovnger, FR/Worldwide)
'The Veimar, Wills and Bernardi remixes are all really great' (Nacho Lovers, Toronto/Canada)
'Dimitri can do no wrong at the moment, another belter!' (Matt Walsh - Clouded Vision, UK/Europe)
'I dig the Bernardi remix, will play for sure' (Max Ulis, Vancouver/Canada)
'Wow fav Marco Bernardi on it!!! Also love the Mick Wills remix. Big up' (dMIT.RY - Neo Violence, Prague/Europe)
'Marco Bernardi remix is my track here! Thanks for the good stuff' (Kosmos - Tracy Recordings/Nitsa, Barcelona)
'I am really feeling the Numbers Are Futile tracks (original and remix)' (Cedric Woo - Beauty & The Beat, LDN/JP)
‘Love the remixes on the flip.  Two solid tracks.  Nice varied EP as ever’ (Bobby Cleaver, Numbers, Scotland/UK)
'Loving the Leonidas & Hobbes mix! Great remix. Nice EP.' (Mash, Glasgow, UK)
'I LOVE the Leonidas & Hobbes mixes :o)' (Ben Osborne, Slipped Disco, LDN)
'Mick Wills remix is the one for me. Love the retro disco feel!' (Geoff Ticehurst - The Plug, Sheffield, Leeds Uni)
'A fantastic range of sonic weaponary here :)' (DEMI, UK/Europe)
'Only Human: Wonderfully atmospheric backing that builds around a heart wrenching vocal… quite beautiful' (Andrew Pirie - Melting Pot, GLAS/Scotland)
‘A2: I love the EBM/Nu Beaty sounds on this, and the way it kinda chugs along with that sleazy mid-tempo swagger. B1: The track of the EP for me. Only Human (instrumental): I like this, would fit in the void that all the weird odd b-side dubstep tunes left after it went out of fashion’ (Giles Walker - Various/Aberdeen)
'A1 is WOW! A2: Really like what he's done. B1: Perfect dance-floor fodder! B2: Menacing basement vibes here. SMOKE MACHINE!!! A cracker to round off a really polished release! This one's my fav!' (Kris Walker/Wasabi Disco, EDIN/Scotland)
'Marco Bernardi - Nice tight groove' (David Elders, Solar Radio/Cabaret Voltaire, EDIN)
'I think this is perhaps my favourite release so far! Highlights are: Marco Bernardi remix of Monster. Deep, evocative techno / electronica. The original mix of Monster. Haunting and weirdly wonderful. Kind of like Kate Bush on acid!!! Leonidas & Hobbes Instrumental mix of Only Human. The vocal is too weird in the other mix, but the instrumental works! Overall a great EP... a great slab of electronica taking in a variety of styles and influences on it's journey' (Felix - 10 Kilo, LDN)

'Nice and moody, I just love what Dimitri Veimar has made with that
Pumajaw track,' (Nemone, BBC 6Music - listen here).
'Sounds ace! Really strong - love all the tracks' (Vic Galloway, BBC Radio Scotland)
'I like Only Human remixes. I love the groove/beats. Mick Willis did cool Ubre Blanca remix, I like it too. But Numbers Are Futile is damn good tune - it is not track I would play in my club sets but this is damn good psychedelic tune. Very very good' (Bert - Last Robots/Czworka Polskie Radio, Warsaw/Poland)'

‘A really mature selection of forward-thinking electronica, 7/10’ (Mixmag)


released November 10, 2014

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Mastering: Keith Tenniswood at Curved, East London.
Distribution: Rubadub
Made in the E.U.

All remixes produced with funding from Creative Scotland.



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