Leonidas & Hobbes, 'The Rags Of Time' EP (HM008) - download includes bonus mixes

by Leonidas & Hobbes



#1 in the DJ History Furtive 50, 2017:
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IG buzz: bit.ly/2BI9qXE]

#41 in the 2017 Top 50 at LOVE VINYL Records, London


‘It’s going to be massive’ ANDREW WEATHERALL
‘I'd say you've got the feel good hit of the summer there lads - every time I play it people lose their shit! Good work!!! Played it in Switzerland on Saturday and had a stream of people in the booth asking... It’s boss! Anthem of summer...’ SEAN JOHNSTON
'Good stuff!' JD TWITCH (OPTIMO)
‘This is great both for club and radio. Like it!’ JUSTIN ROBERTSON
'(I like it.) It reminds me of Chic' TONY HUMPHRIES
‘Web Of Intrigue is my favourite and my summer anthem. Great release’ LEO MAS (Balearic legend)
‘Yes, I like it.’ ALFREDO FIORITO ('Father of Balearic Beat')
‘I’m really into WOI. Evokes emotion. Yes’ NANCY NOISE
‘Full support I LOVE this track WOI - named Hot Track Of The Week’ KENNETH BAGER (Music For Dreams, DK)
‘This sounds great - it’s quite loose but I dig it’ THE REVENGE
‘Sounds pretty good :)’ OOFT
‘(Yes, i would) definitely (play it)!’ TOM FINDLAY (Groove Armada)
‘I like it’ GREG WILSON
‘WOI is superb! It grabbed my attention right from the start and I listened right to the end, very rare for a promo these days. A very accomplished piece, great guitar sound as well!’ CHRIS TODD (Crazy P)
‘The extended mix of WOI is sounding great!’ JIM BARON (Crazy P)
LOVES it! Played on Beats in Space TIM SWEENEY (Beats In Space, NYC)
Played by BILL BREWSTER (DJ History Podcast)
'I knew if those guys are into it (Leo Mas, Nancy Noise) I’d like it' HUGH HERRERA (Pacific Beach Records, San Diego)
‘Great Release Web Of Intrigue for sure’ MILES SIMPSON (Ransom Note, Thunder)
‘This release is DOPE. Where can I buy it now!’ JONNY ROCK
‘Loving this balearic mix as it so squelchy and summery and very different. LOVE WOI original mix. Lovely shades of balearic guitars and horns’ DANIELLE MOORE (Crazy P)
‘Sounds amazing. Full support from me!’ IGOR MARIJUAN (Sonica Ibiza Founder)
‘An admirable amount of work has gone into this as with all their stuff, but it’s just a little bit polished and too posh for the party for me.. Great EP though…’ CHRIS DUCKENFIELD (All Ears)
‘Sounds great! When is it out? Don’t want to miss the vinyl!’ NICK THE RECORD
‘Loving WOI very well produced and will play 100%’ DICKY TRISCO (Secret Squirrels)
‘Love it. Heather Weather is nuts. Great EP’ NEIL PARNELL (Nein Records)
‘Yes I’m into WOI and I’d definitely play it. Sounds great’ PHIL MISON (Cantoma & Claremont 66)
‘Yes Love WOI!’ CHRIS GALLOWAY (Soft Rocks)
‘Love the original will definitely work at a festival for me’ LEE FOSS (Last Waltz)
‘Yep I like it so much I named in track of the month July’ MARTYN HENDERSON / MASH (Mixmag)
‘Gonna be big’ JAMES THOMSON (Juno)
‘‘I love it. Played it at The Refuge Sunday and at Alfresco’ CRAIG CHRISTON (Passport To Paradise)
‘Well it's kind of prelude meets Elkin & Nelson meets Chic, quite a hybrid. Obviously going to work on the floor, do I really like it’ JASON BOARDMAN (Aficionado)
‘I would definitely play that!’ ANDREW PIRIE (Melting Pot, Glasgow)
'I like Heavy Weather (BA Mix), it's quirky' KAY SUZUKI (Brilliant Corners, Round in Motion)
'I like both (WOI ext. HW BA mix)' CEDRIC ‘WOO’ LASSONDE (Beauty & The Beat)
‘Absolutely all over this one (WOI OG), such a groove going on!! Love it. The extended mix is a thing of beauty, will be using! The Dawn Mix has definitely got something about it!' GEOFF TICEHURST (The Plug, Sheffield)
'Jesus, this acid rain mix is fucking fire.... I like the whole EP but more drawn to the flip... The Balearic Acid mix does sound better but i like both (acid mixes)' GILES WALKER (Various, Aberdeen)
‘Web of Intrigue is great - such summer vibes and that cheeky Chic-y riff is mighty! Heavy Weather (Balearic Acid) - I like this lots too! This mix just edges the Dawn mix and the Acid Rain Bootleg which are also decent - I'd play this no problem early doors, fits right in with Emotional Especial, Craig Bratley, ALFOS stuff I like’ KRIS WALKER (Wasabi Disco, EDIN)
‘Really like this, right up my street!’ JAN HAMMERED (Instrument A, Barcelona, Love Machine London etc)
‘I love "Web of intrigue" - will definitely play this… a lot. Please, let me know if you decide to open it for remixing - I'd love to experiment with it!’ VASCO DISCO (Oh My Disco, Truckerdisco, Vancouver/CA)
‘Beauty’ MARK GILBERT (Stupid Human / Hugh Mane / Eccentrics Disco)
really in to the latest HM releases both in my club sets and my new radio programe DJ KOSMOS (Nitsa, Barcelnona/sP)
‘Really, really LOVE ‘Web of Intrigue’. So much so that I’d love to do a remix with it. Right up my strasse. Quality music’ LEFTSIDE WOBBLE
‘Heavy Weather is wonderful’ ACID TED
‘Like it very much... it's a bit between santa esmeralda and Cerrone.. will be played for sure! Thanks again!’ THOMAS PUDELL AKA BLACK ALLEY (Mindbase Recordings, Berlin/GER)
‘Thanks for sharing. I love it. perfect way to start a day.’ ATEMI (Radio Sheraf, Sheraf Sound System, Days, Nantes/FR)
'Sick' ALLAN MARSHALL (Slowmance, YETI Disko, Shanghai / Far East / Melbourne)
‘Great track!!! (WOI)... Liked the acid bootleg... The OG (WOI) is killer for me, though’ ARVEENE JUTHAN (Dublin/IRE/LDN)
‘Loving the track. Very atmospheric, funky and fun. Will be playing for sure’ JUNIOR RICHARDS (Sancho Panza, No Frills/LDN)
‘Very nice!!’ ASTROJAZZ (Kelburn Garden Party / Samedia / Wee Dub Festival, EDIN)
‘Lovely track guys :)’ THEO KOTTIS (EDIN/Int.)
‘Take a fucking bow, gentlemen! Fucking properly blown away! Couldn't be any more up my strasse if you tied a bell on it and called it Shirley! Absolute belter... past few weeks the single track I've had most comments on, people asking what it is, being blown away by it etc... is by the longest country mile Web Of Intrigue - a masterclass of how to inject some real drama through a dance track' DAVID ELDERS (Scottish Soul Weekender festival, MFSB and Hector's House, radio shows - EDIN)
‘Great stuff!’ THEODORIC (EDIN/Dubai)
'Nice :)' B-JAM (EDIN)
'Great track, doing damage' MARTIN VALENTINE (Various, EDIN)
‘Samples in web of intrigue are good… ...nice backbeat, that's got Ibiza Cafe written all over it… ...I'm on my 4th listen so i must like it...’ IAIN MACKIE
'Please send it to me. I'd love to play it out. Very nice' MR SHIVER (Various, LDN)
'(HW) Balearic mix for me, thank you' SAM DON (Brilliant Corners, Spirtland, LDN)
'Sound of the Summer!' COLVIN CRUICKSHANK (Thinktank/Snide Rhythms, EDIN)
'It was so fresh for me, cause you approach not only club sounds I feel it's more came from some rock or something. And the way of synthesizer was really great and good sounds. It was influenced' RYOTA OPP (Meda Fury, Tokyo)
'This is great!' MATT BELCHER / BELCH / PERCY MAIN (Lionoil/Soul Jam, EDIN)
'Absolute class across the board... lush warm summer bumps, just right for where we are now' JACKSONVILLE (2020 Vision, UK/EU)
‘Particularly taken with this ep, bloomin marvellous it is. played the lead track on the show the other week and will happily play some more soon’ PAT BENSBERG (The Eccentric Selection, Phonic FM, Exeter)
'Love this' KAREN GABAY (BBC Radio Manchester)
'Web of Intrigue' is very Ballyeric. Thanks for the hook up' (GARETH SOMMERVILLE (Ultragroove)
'Great release' EUAN FRYER (Athens Of The North)


‘An ably produced release that shines with moments of brilliance and fluff-free dance floor functionality. 8.5/10’ DJ MAGAZINE

'There was once a time when each summer brought us an ‘anthem’. That was however in a time before the internet hindered a record’s chances to grow organically. Perhaps we’re over-stating things for the new Leonidas & Hobbes production but if endorsements so far from taste makers Leo Mas, Kenny Bager, Nancy Noise and Andrew Weatherall are enough to qualify summer anthem status these days then who are we to argue? Web Of Intrigue certainly has the ingredients; emotive strings, flamenco guitar, Chic-style disco licks and shoulder shaking bass. It’s a track that finds itself equally at home in warm-up sets or being dropped peak time; infectious smile inducing results will still be the same.' IBIZA VOICE (JOE MORRIS)

'Hobbes Music comes up trumps with this classy piece... Web Of Intrigue sounds like the soundtrack to a Tarantino film set in the Balearics. Heavy Weather is available in a number of guises and we'd happily listen to them all on repeat. 9/10 Tune Of The Month' MIXMAG (MARTYN HENDERSON)

'The Rags of Time EP will surely find its way into many a playlist this summer. 4/5' THE SKINNY (DONALD SHIELDS)

'A highlight of such (Balearic) moments, aired several times, is this brand new release by Leonidas & Hobbes on Hobbes's own label - Seven Tracks That Turned Love International Into Pure Bliss On The Croatian Coast' MIXMAG

'The left of centre Heavy Weather is rham full of interesting electronic bleeps, beeps and squelches over a kind of Change Searchin meets crusty bongo playing hippie beats with West Indian vocal chantin'. It's like nuttin' else u have heard. The discerning cut here is Web Of Intrigue with its Disco and Balearic battle taking place in the grooves. Strummy Chic like funk guitar and Spanish guitar fight for pole position but the real winer here are the ridiculously beautiful strings and cascading drum fills. Nu disco heads, get on this. It's available at Love Vinyl, i believe but it's flying!' YOGI HAUGHTON


The Ransom Note, Les Yeux Orange, Rick Benjamin (Bondi Beach Radio, Sydney), Ibiza Sonica (Spain), Kenneth Bager (Music For Dreams, Denmark), Bill Brewster (DJ History podcast, UK), Justin Robertson (Soho Radio, LDN), Neil Diablo (Reform Radio, Manc), Joe Morris (Clandestino FM), Soft Rocks (Brighton FM), Nancy Noise mix for Farr Festival, Beats In Space (NYC)..


released December 19, 2019

All rights reserved
Design: Hobbes
HM Logo: jpmjustice.com
Mastering: Keith 'Radioactive Man' Tenniswood at Curved, East London.
Distribution: In-house by Hobbes Music
Made in the E.U.

Thanks to Jpye for the 'Chic' guitar work on Web Of Intrigue (included here for promo use only). All tracks are Leonidas & Hobbes productions. Heavy Weather (Balearic Acid Mix) is a Leonidas (solo) mix (with remote input from Hobbes).

Special thanks also to Sharon Andrews at Shine PR.


all rights reserved


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