Leonidas & Hobbes, 'Machines, Tapes & Electronic Setups' EP (HM002)

by hobbesmusic



Selected Feedback:
'I have those last 12s you sent. Really dug them' (Erol Alkan)
'Favourite: Jackin Pschidt - An excellent and varied EP, Big support. 5/5' (Ashley Beedle, UK - Various, Worldwide)
'All the EP has a lot of originality, driftin and program my favourites. 5/5' (Bot/Crookers, Italy - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Driftin. 5/5' (Yuri/Database/Kitsune, Brazil - Various, Brazil)
'Favourite: Driftin - Great to see Hobbes Music taking off. Great EP. 5/5' (Auntie Flo, UK - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Drifin - Very nice production, will try. 5/5' (Wankelmut, Germany - Various, Europe)
'Favourite: Driftin - I totally love that!!! 5/5' (StereoHeroes, France - Various, Europe)
'Favourite: Penthouse Dub - Really strong EP full support. 5/5' (Nick Warren, UK - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Driftin - uff!!!!!!!!!! 5/5' (Mousse T, Germany - Various, Worldwide)
'Love love love all of these. Get the feeling Larry Levan would be a fan of these..... 5/5' (DPPLGNGRS/Tobias Doppelganger, UK - Various, London)
'Favourite: Program - This is a great promo. Every track. Classic style. 5/5' (DJ Wool, Berlin/NYC)
'Favourite: Jackin Pschidt - 4/5 (Andrew Grant, Circo Loco, Spain - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Driftin - Praise the lord and pass the poppers…… 4/5' (Fatboy Slim, UK - Various, Wolrdwide)
'Jackin Pschidt sounds killer!! definitely something I'll be banging out. Nice one. 4/5' (Jimpster, UK - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Driftin - Niiice. 4/5' (Larry Tee, UK - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Driftin - Liking all these tracks. 4/5' (Steve Mac, UK - Various - Worldwide)
'Favourite: Driftin - Nice hybrid of styles and sounds should raise more than an eyebrow on the dancefloor. BIG UPS. 4/5' (Pablo Contraband , UK - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Penthouse Dub - Love the early 90's Sasha vibe to this. 4/5' (Shadow Child, UK - Various, Europe)
'Penthouse is exceptional! 4/5' (Moonbootica/Black Van, Germany - Various, Germany)
'Favourite: Driftin. 4/5' (Moullinex, Gomma, Germany - Various, Europe)
'Favourite: Driftin - Support! 4/5' (Moguai, Germany - Various - Europe)
'Driftin is great..playing for sure. 4/5' (J Paul Getto, US - Various, US)
'Favourite: Driftin - Great. 4/5' (Tocadisco, Germany - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Penthouse Dub - Feeling this stuff for sure. An interesting vibe, very raw and kinda positive. Will support thanks. 4/5 (Jody Wisternoff/Way Out West, UK - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Driftin - quirky and cool. 4/5' (Dave Seaman, UK - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Program. 4/5' (Micah Vellian/Volta Bureau, US - Various, US)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt - Good tool! 3/5' (Alan Braxe, France - Various, Worldwide)
'Really into all of these.. : ) 3/5' (David Gardner/Cosmonauts, UK - Various, UK)
'Favourite: Driftin - Pretty accomplished release, first two defo playable for me. 3/5' (Chris Duckenfield, UK - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Penthouse Dub - 'Love ACID. 3/5' (WAFA/Basement Jaxx & Pnau, UK - Various, UK)
'Favourite: Driftin. 3/5' (Omid 16B, UK - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Program - Interesting stuff... 3/5' (Ed Butler/Cinematic, UK - Various, UK)
'Favourite: Pavement K. 3/5' (Lucio/Database/Kitsune, Brazil - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Jackin Pschidt - Thank you for good music! 3/5' (M.A.N.D.Y., Germany - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Jackin Pschidt - Interesting! 3/5' (Sasha, UK - Various, Worldwide)
'Penthouse is great! 3/5' (Death On The Balcony, UK - Various, Europe)
'Favourite: Jackin Pschidt - I like the acid. 3/5' (Justin Sloe/Droog, US - Various, US)
'Love Drifint a lot. 3/5' (Ollie/The Other Tribe, UK - Various, UK)
'Favourite: Program. 3/5' (Decky Headrock/Japanese Popstars, Ireland - Various,
'Favourite: unknown - 3/5' (Toyboy & Robin, UK - Various)
'Favourite: Driftin - Downloading. 3/5' (John Digweed, UK - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Pavement K - Tripped out. 3/5' (Mr G, UK - Various, Worldwide)
'Favourite: Program' (Russ Chimes, UK - Various, Europe)
'Thanks man, this is really good. great diversity in there. So much so I am going in again right now. Jackin Pschidt is so good' (Ben Martin, High Sheen, UK - Various, UK)
'Thanks for this! Really into Penthouse Dub' (Dam Mantle, UK - Various, Europe)
'That's a solid body of work, more like a mini LP than a EP. I love the warmth of your sound! Program has a very futuristic feeling and could almost convince me to start playing video games. Penthouse Dub is an organic journey into some deep dubbed out outer space, while Driftin has a more 'classic' feel to it, with nods to the gospel house sound circa 89, before coming to its own with some killer hypnotic analog goodness. Spellbinding' (Cedric Woo, Beaty & The Beat, UK)
'It is rare these days to get an ep full of tracks, clearly rooted in traditions - sound and aestetic wise - but fresh and forward thinking at the same time... i'm happy to have it in my box!' (Thomas Pudell, Black Alley, Berlin)
'I really like Jackin Pschidt: Proper raw, classic acid house feel to it. Synth and percussion both spot on. Pavement K is also a real nice groovy head nodder but with an eerie undertone. Like the half time break-down and then how it shuffles back into double time. Kinda Jimmy Edgar meets Tri-Angle Records. Program is also a pretty sick cut. The drop is dope!' (Sketchy, Man Make Music/Mixcloud, UK)
'Fantastic EP. Particuarly feeling Jackin Pschidt & Driftin...' (Leftside Wobble, UK - Various, Europe)


'(Driftin)'s a wonderfully realised piece of music that suggests that these two have taken care and time to perfect their techniques. Penthouse Dub could be by any number of Full Pupp's regulars, while Jackin Pschidt is stripped down Chicago house with sparse bass and drum lines and a utilitarian "break it down, get into the groove" vocal loop. Pavement K is more abstract, with an echoing slo-mo drum line and winding acid riff that might have been plucked from Plastikman's Muzik. Bonus download track Program is a straightforward tribute to Tron, with lashings of original film samples backed by languorous Com Truise-ish synth work. 4/5' (RESIDENT ADVISOR)

'Driftin' really is like nothing else and sets out the stall for this inventive EP… Jackin' Pschidt is as perfect a piece of acid house as you could find and could have come from the Trax label back in the day. 7/10' (MIXMAG)

'an impressive piece of work, not least for all the genres it manages to cram in. 4/5 (THE LIST)

'(Driftin' is) definitely one for house music lovers from both the new and old schools. Track Of The Month' (UNDER THE RADAR, THE SCOTSMAN)

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released June 3, 2013

Mastered by Kenny Inglis at Eighth Nerve, Glasgow.

Recorded at Do Tank Studio, London, using ARP Odyssey, Roland Juno 106, Roland SH-­101, Roland RE-501, Sequential Circuits Pro­ One and Sequential Circuits Prophet T8.



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