DALI, Voynich / S​.​T​.​C​.​F​.​T​.​H​.​O​.​T​.​A. double​-​A​-​side (HM007)

by hobbesmusic



Selected Feedback:

'Sounds good, i like STCFTHOTA a lot' (Ben UFO)
‘Thanks man, digging em both’ (Tom Findlay/Groove Armada)
'Both decent!' (Auntie Flo)
‘I love STCFTHOTA. RIGHT up my street.’ (Bill Brewster)
‘Loving the sound of 'STC...' will give it a spin!’ (John Heckle)
‘This IS wicked!!! THANKS. Liked both but it was the more techno track (Voynich) I loved.’ (Domenic Capello, Subculture/Sub Club)
‘Nice one - both sounding really good … first one (Voynich) is probably my fav but maybe just a bit too pumping for me. The other is actually more playable for me … nice and trippy too’ (The Revenge)
‘The acronym heavy arpeggiator fest is the one for me! (Chris Duckenfield)
‘STCFTHOTA is great man’ (Ben Mono, Ed Banger/Gomma/Compost/Permanent Vacation etc)
'I really like STCFTHOTA' (Sean Johnston, A Love From Outer Space, UK)
‘Congrats on the release. Sounding great!’ (Masa Sutela, Traveller Records, Finland)
'I like the whole pack but Voynich is my fave, maybe i’ll put in a mix soon... I put STFCHTOTA in my mix for Rinse FM France. :)' (Bawrut/Scuola Furano, Madrid/Int.)
‘STC… - Nice’ (Jon Kennedy, Radio 1 Prague, CZ/Int.)
'Super good, both tunes' XDB (Germany/Int)
‘A (Voynich) is emotional, AA is more atmospheric. I like AA (STC…), it's so nice.’ (Ryota OPP, Meda Fury / Tokyo/JP)
‘Love the release! Voynich rocks!’ (DJ Kosmos, Nitsa Club, Barcelona/SP)
‘Yes, really like the release. I love Voynich!’ (Alex Ormas, Plastic Club/Rocket Disco Bar, Milan/IT)
‘Interesting release. I like both tracks. Involving sound’ (DJ Minikin, Stuttgart/DE)
‘I really like those tracks. Included in Feb ‘17 Chart for Juno’ (Andrew Pirie, Melting Pot, Glasgow, UK)
'Both tracks are really good' (Bobby Cleaver, Numbers, Glasgow/LDN, UK)
‘I like STCFTHOTA, I could imagine playing this, it's nicely warm and trippy’ (Cedric Woo, Beauty & The Beat, LDN/Int.)
‘STCFTHOTA is lovely…. 100% FRESH!’ (Yogi Haughton, Scottish Soulful Weekender, UK)
‘Sounding nice and phat. STC… is a beast!’ (Astrojazz, Kelburn Garden Party, Wee Dub Festival, Samedia, Scotland/UK)
‘Thanks a lot! Voynich is brilliant track- huge dancefloor killer, I will play it on my show this Saturday. I like SCFTHOTa, that's nice deep tune, i like those synth sounds. Nice release!’ (DJ Bert, Polskie Radio - BBC Radio 1 equivalent, Warsaw/Poland)
‘Both great. First one really deep and driving, nice crisp high hats, really awesome. Second more of a laid back groover.’ (Archie Hamilton, Splitworks, China)
‘Really like those tracks, man! Really good’ (Nick Roberts, Electric Fields Festival, Scotland/UK)
‘Really liking both tracks, full support - thanks!’ (Spatial Awareness, Brighton)
‘These are both great. STCFTHOTA reminds me of Red Planet and a swathe of mid Nineties techno. Great release.’ (Ben Osborne, Slipped Disco, LDN)
‘STCFTHOTA is my favourite, both tracks are huge though, excellent release. :)’ (Richard Keyte, Stepback/Jackhammer, EDIN)
‘Am really digging Voynich. Like, i shouldn't like something this repetitive, but there is something subtle and organic about it. Those synth sounds are lovely’ (Giles Walker, Various, Aberdeen/Scotland)
‘Another solid release! Liking STCFTHOTA a lot, a nice deep dreamy Detroit feel to it. Offsets the banging A side nicely. Well done!’ (Kris Walker, Wasabi Disco, EDIN)
‘Thanks for the tracks, I really like them andI can definitely use both of them’ (Gareth Sommervile, Ultragroove etc EDIN)
‘Voynich - digging it in a hardfloor/old school european techno kinda way. Def has that early trance feel (but obv a lot slower). Nice tension builder. STCFHOTA: This is obv a bit more ‘Detroit house’ (as opposed to techno). Nice beats, quite deep. Reminds me of Layo & Bushwacka.’ (Leonidas, LDN/UK)
‘Loving the STCFTHOTA track. Warm, friendly techno that is equally appealing to deep house aficionados too. Very good. Should get a lot of support. Possibly your best release to date. It just has the right balance of all things. It finishes and you want to put it back on again. Voynich is solid and I’m confident that it will get support, but it’s a proper club track so really needs to be played in the right environment. Great work though. (Felix Oram, aka Flix, ex-We Are Electric/Cab Vol, Scotland/UK)


Here, DALI releases her debut double A-side 12” on Edinburgh’s Hobbes Music label. The producer first appeared on our radar when we heard her remixing Sophie Barker’s track ‘I Do It To Myself’ in an analogue style, a rework that sounded like it could have come out on Trax. This release, meanwhile, has already caught the interest of big names such as Auntie Flo, Ben UFO and Groove Armada’s Tom Findlay, and it’s not hard to see why. We’re intrigued as to what the title of B-side ‘STCFTHOTA’ stands for, but what we do know is that it’s a self-assured grooving house cut with a skipping drum loop, pulsing synth rises and spacey atmospherics; it’s one of those tracks that won’t go stratospheric, but will definitely have longevity. ‘Voynich’ will find favour with the techno fraternity, but it’s the stunning simplicity of the flip that does it for us.

SSW Blog:
Anybody with a remote interest in ol’ skool House music will instantly sit up and listen to this track as soon as the first bars of ‘Voynich’ are instigated. It’s as if DALIi has taken apart half a dozen ol’ Acid House and Techno tracks and tossed them in the air and restructured them into a new and wonderful musical monument in remembrance of musical days gone by. It’s a new piece of musical architecture using old building materials and I’m a fan of the old and new House sound, so this is right up my street. ‘STCFTHOTA’ is deep, shuffling and hypnotic groove filled with abstract sounds all riding the very laid back and infectious groove. It’s out there, it’s right out there and in stark contrast to the something something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue sound of ‘Voynich’, this is 100% FRESH!


released March 17, 2017

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Mastering: Keith 'Radioactive Man' Tenniswood at Curved, East London.
Distribution: In-house by Hobbes Music + Diamonds And Pearls, Berlin
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